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The safety and well-being of our guests and employees is at the forefront of our Clean. Safe. Fun plan. The state government has set forth guidelines for public health and safety, and Mavrix is going above and beyond to be certain that that these expectations are not only met, but emphatically exceeded.

There will be some changes to the way we do things, but one thing is for sure; Mavrix is still THE place to EAT. DRINK. BOWL. GAME!

In addition to pre-shift wellness assessments for all of our employees, revised hourly sanitation checks, and the addition of several more hand-sanitizing stations throughout the venue, here is what we are doing to make sure that your experience at Mavrix is not only fun, but SAFE!

• Restaurant seating will be staggered between every other table.
• There will be no seating at any of our four bars.
• All food service workers will wash their hands after every critical point of contact.
• Condiments, service ware, utensils, check presenters, booths, chairs, and tables will be cleaned and
sanitized after each use. All menus will be disposable, for one time use only.
• Disposable cups, lids, and wrapped straws are available upon request.
• All food safe surfaces in the kitchen will be disinfected then sanitized after each use.

• A vacant one lane buffer will be put between all bowling groups.
• A variety of bowling balls are available at each lane. They will be cleaned between groups.
• To maximize cleanliness, payment by credit/debit card is highly recommended.
• Queuing marks have been added to the floor to maintain proper social distancing at the check-in desk.
• Complimentary single-use gloves are available for anyone who wishes to play in the arcade.
• Capacity of the redemption store has been reduced to ten, and queuing marks have been added to the floor to maintain safe distancing between groups.
• All Laser Tag vests and phasers are disinfected after each use.

These are just highlights to the extensive sanitation plan that Mavrix has adopted to ensure the safety of our
guests and employees. If at any time there is concern about the cleanliness of any item in our venue, one of our employees will happily disinfect it again for you prior to its use.

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