Laser Tag

Surround yourself in an interactive multiplayer game designed to fully immerse players in the ultimate scoring experience of laser tag.


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Experience our deluxe brand new arcade games featuring some of the most exciting games that test your skills, challenge your friends and motivate you to win prizes while having a blast. Load up your arcade card with credits and have an epic time.


20 Credits


40 Credits


60 Credits


100 Credits

$20 $25

140 Credits

$25 $35

200 Credits

$35 $50

300 Credits

$50 $75


Pick up a cue and enjoy a game with your friends as you practice your shots playing on new hand-crafted tables.

Chaos Jump

Chaos Jump is a VR adventure! A party of up to 4 players are equipped with cool laser blasters to fight off the robot attackers or each other. Perfect as an individual game or a team building challenge.