Play Laser Tag in Scottsdale at Mavrix

Everyone loves the thrill of playing laser tag. Surround yourself in an interactive multiplayer game designed to fully immerse players in the ultimate scoring experience of laser tag. Our venue takes laser tag to the extreme. Offering both traditional and custom ways to play, Laser tag offers something for everyone. Guests have the ability to choose from multiple game options including: HEADQUARTERS Two Laser Tag Teams – Red vs Green. Each Laser Tag Team works together to destroy all of the opposing team’s Headquarters before the game time expires. DOMINATION: Two Laser Tag Teams – Red vs Green. Each Team works together to take over and hold as many Sectors as possible for as long as possible.


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Over 85 of the Best Arcade Games in Scottsdale

Mavrix is the top entertainment destination in Scottsdale featuring over 85 of the best arcade games! Experience our deluxe brand new arcade games featuring some of the most exciting games that test your skills, challenge your friends and motivate you to win prizes while having a blast. Load up your arcade card with credits and have an epic time.

  • Mavrix Arcade in Scottsdale
  • Mavrix Arcade in Scottsdale
  • Mavrix Arcade in Scottsdale


20 Credits


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100 Credits

$20 $25

140 Credits

$25 $35

200 Credits

$35 $50

300 Credits

$50 $75

Billiards at Mavrix

Pick up a cue and enjoy a game with your friends as you practice your shots playing on new hand-crafted tables. Mavrix is the perfect venue to relax and have a great time playing billiards while you enjoy a craft cocktail and watch sports on our multiple large screen TVs.

Chaos Jump only at Mavrix

Chaos Jump is a VR adventure! A party of up to 4 players are equipped with cool laser blasters to fight off the robot attackers or each other. Perfect as an individual game or a team building challenge.